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The Ultimate Guidelines To ISO Certification in Oman

ISO certification in Oman is one of the basic elements to achieve success of an organization. It is an International standard setting body which comprises of the various National standard organization representatives. It was established in the year 1947 23rd February and their headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. It consists of 163 members all over the world working for ISO and the main purpose of ISO is to promote all the industrial Sectors by publishing standards. ISO has published more than 22000 + of standards and the main work of ISO is to publish standard but it does not involve in the activities such as the issuing the certifications and for conducting audits. ISO consists of three official languages French, English and Russian. And coming to the financial part of a ISO, it is being managed by organizations who are into managing the projects and the experts who participate in the technical work. ISO would not decide when to develop the new standard but it depends upon the stakeholders Industries or any such consumers groups. by considering previous blogs ISO standard considers the operation and scope of the organizations by gathering technical committee and requirements would be set up. ISO is one of the independent, non governmental and non profitable organizations that help the industries to develop voluntary International standards with products, services and to have best practices.

ISO has published few generic standards such as quality management system environmental management system occupational health and safety management system and few standards are industry specific features thousand which is mainly for food safety management system ISO 17025 is specified the general requirements competence of testing and calibration of Laboratories.

Every ISO standards are reviewed and revised 5 years at least once so that they can meet with the present market scenario these things were done to make team updated and to serve better to the Laboratories which part used. These requirements were developed by the committee members all across the world having 18 liaison organizations.

Now let us know more about ISO 17025 standard which is all about the laboratory testing and calibration activities and how it will be helpful if the labs are going to implement that standard with an International standard requirement and how it would be useful for the management system. It enables the Laboratories to show their capacity to manage the system by set of requirements sure that they are completely technically completed to work. And it follows five clauses such as


· This documentation consists of the general requirements for the competency, impartiality and consistency of operations in the laboratory.

· The documentation of scope can be applied to all the organization which are performing the laboratory activities depend upon the size of the organization.

· This document can be used for the recognition of the computers of laboratories schemes and organizations who are using the peer of assessments and the other accreditation bodies.

Normative References,

· This document can used as reference such as all the Content constitutes the requirements of this document. The new version of ISO 17025 standard was referred by

· ISO/IEC Guide 99- it is an international vocabulary of Metrology which consist of general and basic concepts and related terms.

· ISO/IEC 17000, it is a conformity assessment which specifies general and vocabulary principles.

Terms and definitions

The general terms and definitions used in the development of standard requirement is been taken from the guide, ISO/IEC Guide 99 and ISO/IEC 17000.

Management requirement consists of sub clauses which cover a section such as a legal status, responsibility of the top management or any key staff, permanent or temporary facilities, and confidential information security, the structures such as deputies of the management, quality manager appointment and the staff supervision.

And few other clauses covers the documentation controls like how to control the documents of internal and external audits, the regulations, normative references, which includes all the specifications and manuals except.

The reviewing request such as contracts and tenders so that procedures and policy for the reviewing request has to be made so that they can apply immediately when the tenders are called from the government.

Are clauses are subcontracting test and calibration, purchasing services and suppliers, client service, complaint handling, non conformity testing or calibration work controls, improvements, corrective actions, preventive actions , all the records related to controlling, internal audits (there should be a procedure and policy for conducting an internal audit and the implementation things has to be found) and management review ( what are the procedures those are carried out from the starting of implementation those things has to be put in front of the management for the review process so that the necessary feedback can be taken out of them).

Benefits of ISO 17025 Certification in Oman,

Every ISO standards were developed to help the businesses and to bring the profit out of them and let us know what are the few things which would actually benefit the industries

· It has to increase the recognition and credibility of the organization because the standard today requirements that has to be achieved by the organization in order to create value for them.

· It helps to improve the consistency because when the standard is implemented in your organization there would be control over your process and operations where you can find out in which all the areas your organization is lagging behind and best solution could be given out of it.

· It also helps in increasing the revenues, customer satisfaction and empowering the employees.

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