ISO Certification in Oman — A Detailed Notes

ISO Certification in Oman is an essence for an effective management system. We use ISO standards to benefit the industries every aspect so that there is no problem found in the process operations or any activities related to business. Keeping this into an account the technical committee of the ISO has established at 22000 plus of standards and it has gain world wide popularity. Is always actual the migration which is accepted by 163 countries all over the world end committee all over the world has set up the requirements which is necessary for each standard. Technical committee is a group of members who set up the technical documentation of every standard and when it is implemented to the organization there would be no question of why such no requirement is added.

Many standards have gained a lot of popularity depending upon the organization utilisation. And new standards are generic and it can be implemented to any organization and it doesn’t depend upon the size location or type of organization but few standards are industry specific and they depend upon the type of industries in the operation. Among these standards ISO 22000 is one of them which is busy feisty requirement of food safety management system where it enables organizations to demonstrate the ability to control the food safety hazard and make sure that the food is safe for the consumers. Because it is the responsibility of the organization to keep the food safe from the disease and unhygienic particles as the effect is more dangerous. It can be applied to all the organization which is related to the food supply chain. ISO 22000 is a standard which sets out the requirement for food safety management system and make sure that the best practices are carried out for the best manufacturing practices.

Let us know the requirements of ISO 22000 standard.

· ISO 22000 standards when it is implemented your organization; it enables or requires the organization to build a food safety management system. Which means all the documents system related to the food safety management should be in place and all the facilities Includes:

· It makes sure that the prerequisite programs are in place environment is clean.

· It includes hazard analysis critical control plan to prevent identify and eliminate all the food safety hazards because once this things occurs in the organization or any food then the food would be contaminated and it should not be used for other which should be very harmful for the consumers.

· The food safety management system when it is implemented all the records has to be documented in order to manage the food safety throughout the entire process of food organization management planning until the products reach to the consumers.

Standards related to food safety management process include certain requirements and let us know what they are:

· Food safety policy in the organization has to be framed and it has to be developed by the top management. Because it is the responsibility of the top management to keep all the system in place and make sure that the process are carried out in a responsible way without any harm.

· The objectives has to be set which drive your business efforts in order to comply with them framed policy. Because every organization would work to achieve these goals and objectives and this would be helpful to drive the organization in a continual improvement.

· Designing and planning of a management system has to be done and all these things has to be documented in a system.

· After implementing the process the performance evaluation of the system has to be done and it has to be recorded so that it can be referred for further proofs.

· During the implementation process of food safety management system a group of qualified individuals has to be established in order to make sure that the food safety team is ready.

· The procedures has to be defined and should be communicated with all the selected individuals to make sure that all the regulatory, suppliers, customers are well aware of it.

· The emergency plant has been developed because in case of any emergency situations the employee or even any top person in the organization should be well aware of the plan like how to escape accidents or in case of an emergency.

· The management review meeting has to be evaluated based on the performance of food safety management system and it has to be hold and recording has to be done to make sure that in the upcoming meetings the previous one are settled down and it is working fine.

· The adequate resources have to be provided for the effective operation of the food safety management system which includes all the process heads and other qualified persons the work environment along with the food is safe.

· Requisite programs has to be implemented because it shows that how exactly the organization has to set up all the cleanliness activities and by following this program it would give an awareness to the employees in the organization to be clean and keep the process clean.

· Haccp principles have to be followed because it gives an added advantage apart from safety management system.

· The traceability system has to be established in order to identify the product has to be established.

These are the few requirements that have to be achieved by all the organization while implementing ISO 22000 Certification in Oman to the organization.

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