ISO Certification in Iraq — An Overview

ISO certification in Iraq can be a very robust management system for the organisations to have a successful future prospective. Implementation of integrated management system in any organisation will help the company to save large amount of money and also time. ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq standard focus on quality management system, ISO 14001 Certification in Iraq standard focus on environmental management system and ISO 45001 Certification in Iraq standard will focus on occupational health and safety hazard. All these International standards implementations will be made easier with ISO Consultants in Iraq the help of Factocert.

Quality Policy includes, the company is committed to providing ISO Certification bodies in Iraq and delivering the customer great product, great support and great marketing to make the management of our customer’s compliance an easy and enjoyable experience. We are committed to: Meeting legal requirements. Continually improving our IMS. Meeting the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Environmental Policy The organisation has identified environmental management as one of its highest corporate priorities. The organisation has established policies, programmes and practices to reduce risk to the environment and the organisation and conduct business activities in an environmentally sound manner.

Health and Safety Policy The company is committed to a safe and healthy working environment for everyone using the premises as a place of work or visiting on business. Management will: Set health and safety objectives and performance criteria for all managers and work areas Annually review health and safety objectives and managers’ performance: Encourage accurate and timely reporting and recording of all incidents.

Management Representative states that the Operations Manager is the currently appointed Management Representative and has responsibility and authority for:

1. Ensuring that the:

a. IMS is established, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

b. IMS processes are delivering their intended outputs.

c. Promotion of customer focus throughout the company.

d. Integrity of the IMS is maintained when changes to the IMS are planned and implemented.

2. Reporting on the performance of the IMS to top management for review and as a basis for improvement.

IMS Structure

Interaction of Processes in the company’s IMS complies with:

· ISO 9001:2015,

· ISO 14001:2015

· ISO 45001:2018 The IMS consists of the following levels of documented information:

· Policies: Policies are documents that demonstrate the overall commitment to improving quality performance and are authorised by the Management Team.

· System procedures: high-level procedures that define the activities that are to be fulfilled to ensure that the IMS that complies with standards.

· Module workflows, operational procedures and work instructions. Control and operational procedures: o Meet customers’ requirements. o Provide supplementary guidance and instructions to support the intent of the IMS. o Ensure that the requirements of the IMS will be adequately addressed within the organisation.

· Forms, registers and records are evidence to prove the IMS is operational

Purpose and Scope To define how the company demonstrates leadership and commitment to its IMS. Procedure

1. Top management will take responsibility for the effectiveness of the IMS and will demonstrate their commitment to the IMS by: a. Defining roles, allocating responsibilities and accountabilities, and delegating authorities, to facilitate effective IMS management. b. Roles and Responsibilities are documented in Leadership — Organisation Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities and through position descriptions, and IMS procedures where applicable.

2. Ensuring: i. That relevant policies and objectives are established for the IMS and that these are aligned with the context and strategic direction. ii. The integration of the IMS requirements into the organisation’s business processes. iii. That resources needed for the IMS are available. iv. The IMS achieves its intended results. v. The process approach and risk-based thinking is promoted. Communicating the importance of effective IMS management and of conforming to the IMS requirements. vi. Engaging, directing and supporting personnel to contribute to the effectiveness of the IMS. vii. Improvement is promoted. viii. Other relevant management roles are supported to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

2. Top management is committed to our customers and enhancing customer satisfaction. This commitment is demonstrated by: a. Ensuring that applicable customer and statutory requirements are determined, understood and met throughout the business. b. Ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are determined and addressed. c. Exercising due care with our customer’s property (data) whilst it is under the control of the company. d. Monitoring customer’s perceptions of the degree to which their needs and expectations have been fulfilled.

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